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GMIG’s COR Recertification class comprehensively covers critical elements of the federal acquisition and procurement process. The training covers contract administration from the perspective of the COR. Students learn their duties through a targeted review of essential COR functions, such as Contract Management, Federal Appropriations Law, Risk Management, CPARS, Green Procurement, and other topics. The training provides well-structured coverage of acquisition topics for both new and seasoned Contracting Officer’s Representatives but is valuable to anyone involved in federal contracting.

Contracting Officers Representative/Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COR) is a comprehensive course of the acquisition process and contract administration from the perspective of the technical manager/COTR. Students have opportunities to learn and practice the duties of the COR/COTR and Contracting Officer. This comprehensive course is valuable to anyone involved in the acquisition process.

GMIG’s CON 360 Contracting for Decision Makers course is a DAU certified equivalency course recommended for Level II contracting personnel requiring Level III certification. Utilizing realistic classroom exercises, students work as teams to develop sound business decisions and innovative solutions for the resolution of complex acquisition scenarios in the roles of expert business advisers.

In this case-based course, students apply Contracting concepts and techniques learned in prerequisite courses to meet customer supply requirements and resolve complex Contracting issues. Special emphasis is placed on applying legal concepts from CON 216, pricing concepts introduced in CON 170, and negotiation techniques from HBS 428. Students experience the full spectrum of Contracting processes and issues by following a supply requirement through all phases of the acquisition life cycle, from acquisition planning through contract close-out. Research, analysis, and communication skills are honed through the development and presentation of a critical thinking project requiring in-depth focus on one area of Contracting. Negotiation skills are sharpened through active student participation in two simulated contract negotiations. 

Course Description:

Contracting Officer Representative Refresher/Contracting Officer Representatives Refresher (COR Refresher) is a comprehensive course of the acquisition process and contract administration from the perspective of the technical manager/COR. This course covers all 28 areas of requirement for FAI/FAC/DAU certification. Students have opportunities to learn and practice the duties of the COR and Contracting Officer. This comprehensive course is valuable to anyone involved in the acquisition process.

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GMIG's CON170 provides those in the Contracting Career Field with an in-depth review of the Market Research Process and the ability to understand and analyze contractor pricing strategies. CON 170 teaches students how to accomplish effective price analysis through Cost-Volume-Profit analysis, calculating contribution margin estimates, and developing cost estimating relationships. CON 170 provides an overview of the regulations and processes regarding the use of cost analysis, and for requiring certified cost and pricing data. GMIG’s instructors walk students through the process of building and defending pre-negotiation objectives, including a minimum and maximum pricing objective, and conducting role-play face-to-face negotiations.

Writing the Requirement  SOW/PWS


280, Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts, is a DAU certified equivalency course recommended for Level I contracting personnel seeking Level II certification. The course primarily focuses on acquisition services under FAR Part 15 procedures as well as performance-based acquisitions for services, source selection and contract types, incentives, and administration. GMIG’s instructors provide students with case studies covering an entire performance based acquisition from planning to contract closeout. GMIG’s course instructors use the DOD Source Selection Guide to go through source selection procedures and the solicitation process. Students are taught how to develop contractual documents as well as high-level source selection briefings and deliver them with recommendations for contract award. CON 280 is a required prerequisite course for CON 360, replacing CON 215.

This Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) course addresses those skills and competencies most basic and fundamental to the Contracting Functional Area/Career Field. These include general principles, such as an overview of the acquisition process and how to research the regulations, as well as an introduction to fundamental soft skills and professional skills that will serve these acquisition professionals at almost any point in their career. 

FPM 511 - Management Competencies: Managing IT Projects

The FAC-PPM IT Core-Plus competency model identifies the minimum competencies required to specialize as a federally certified Program and Project Manager performing acquisition of Information Technology (IT) capital assets. This course focuses on the 20 performance outcomes from the FAC-PPM Standard that require additional, IT-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities. The course focuses on these other IT-specific performance outcomes to obtain the FAC-PPM IT Core-Plus certification. The IT-specific outcomes were established based on the 25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management tenets.

·         Discuss project management considerations for federal IT projects

·         Evaluate cost-effective contracting and technology solutions during acquisition planning

·         Illustrate the criticality of user/mission requirements in IT project management

·         Forecast the impact of budgetary decisions on modular development

·         Discuss key technical management processes and tools used in systems engineering

·         Implement test and evaluation practices to ensure project quality

·         Apply tenets of Total Life Cycle Logistics Management to support a systems design

·         Describe how to effectively closeout an IT project

·         Create an on-the-job (OTJ) action plan

GMIG's Appropriations Law course provides learners with a working knowledge of the law’s principles and purposes. Our course instructors present both practical and theoretical information using a blend of lectures, case studies, and participatory class exercises. Student participation in class exercises ensures that they master the analytical framework necessary for addressing real-world appropriations issues. The course topics addressed over the two days cover the purpose, amount, and time issues involved in federal appropriations, including the necessary expense doctrine, the bona fide needs rule, and the Anti-Deficiency Act. This course covers the key elements in the body of case law commonly called the "Red Book." Students are provided a CD containing the case law known as the Red Book